As we are still a young and small NGO we are not so attractive to funders!

We need a lot of work and energy to make Eikellegimaa into a productive and beautiful space to share. 
If you would like to stay with us or visit us for a days work you are very welcome! Please read our workaway page and contact us directly if you do not have an account!

If you think that you can help us reaching our goals, please feel free to contact us to donate or simply share our project further. If you have anything that we need (down below) then please, let us know and we will give this object a new happy useful life!

Plan for the next 5 years (Illustration: Rea)

materials we are always lacking:

* wooden material for construction, screws and nails

* Big cooking pots for events

* Metal sheets for repairing old roofs

* Large volumes of cardboard for covering nettles!